Barrels piled up in the new winery

Barrels piled up in the new winery

This has been a weird and wonderful year. 

The weird: poor flowering, thanks to some wet 'n' wild weather in November 2013, led to very low crops, particularly in Pinot. This was followed by a very dry and consistently warm Jan/Feb.

The Wonderful: the vines coped particularly well with the warm summer, largely due to good soil moisture, and moderate crops, resulting in some very intense wines. Read more about them, and procure some if you please: Right here.... 2014 Chardonnay, 2014 Pinot

Some more wonderful: my 2013 wines sold really well in the trade thanks to my professional and energetic distributor, Libby Bentley. Thanks to all those who enjoyed the wine, both out and about, or via my web shop, you've all helped generate the content for the next paragraph.

Some weird and wonderful: as of December 2014 I'm going to be leaving the day job to work on my wine full time. I'm leasing a small winery in the upper, upper Yarra, Limbic winery. It's actually in Upper Pakenham, three minutes south of the official Yarra Valley border. I'll post separately on this once I've fully moved in. Only hail, frost, drought, phylloxera, bad winemaking, disease, poor management or bushfire can stop me now. 

And another thing: I'll also be engaged in some part time work for these guys: []  Very excited to be involved in this, no matter how small that involvement may be.

And 1 more: I'll be exhuming my other side project [] and hopefully getting busier with this, if you need any photos taken get in touch.

That's probably enough for now, I'm tired, and in need of a Chardonnay, or a gin....