New Cab is back / Harriet’s Vineyard / V15 wines

The new cabernet 2014 disappeared pretty quickly, so I was encouraged to make a bit more this year. The details of how it was made are very similar to last year, you can read details about the 2014 here (no point duplicating it), and buy the 2015 here.

Vineyard news I’ve recently taken over the lease on my folks vineyard, which I’m extremely excited about. It’s never had (or needed) a name, but now that I’ll be bottling some single vineyard wines from it that has to change. Mum has always slaved away on most of the hands on work in the vineyard, so I thought it appropriate to dub it ‘Harriet’s Vineyard’. I’m currently in the process of getting some labels designed for these wines. I’ll post more info about the vineyard soon.

Winery news I’ve had a great vintage, plenty of Chardonnay and Pinot maturing away in barrels. Some of the best material has come from my folks vineyard which is pleasing. On the whole the vineyards have performed well and the wines are similar in quality and style to the 2014s. I’ve also made a small amount of Petit Verdot, which is great fun to make, a very aromatic and dense red variety, hopefully ready for release early next year. The winery I’m leasing was a delight, for the most part. A few teething issues always arise in a new winery but I’ll have them sorted by next vintage.