Every season there are a few special barrels of wine which, for one reason or another, don’t fit into the Harriet’s Vineyard wines, and are somewhat lost once blended into the Rob Hall range. They may be experimental batches, or a small parcel from a great vineyard. To put these batches to best use I’m carefully hand bottling small quantities of these for release to subscribers. There will be one or two in each box delivered via the subscription option. I’ll also bottle the odd Tangent wine for a festival or event.

The wines so far:

Tangent #3 - Halcyon Cab 2018 - ‘All the good stuff’. Straight Cabernet Sauvignon from Halcyon Vineyard. Very concentrated wine. Old vines, dry grown, low cropped. As the vineyard owner remarked to me… all the good stuff (release April 2019)

Tangent #2 - Kaz Pinot 2018 - A wholebunch fermented Pinot. There are many variations on the method of wholebunch fermentation, this one follwed the ways of my good friend Kaspar Hermann of Onannon Wines (release Dec 2018)

Tangent #1 - 7 Rows Red, a blend of Shiraz and Merlot from Harriet’s Vineyard (release Dec 2018)

Tangent #0 - Palooza Pinot 2018 - A cheeky little nouveau Pinot bottled just for the Pinot palooza event, it went so well it gave rise to this concept. I think I’ll pull one of these out every year. (release Oct 2018)

Tangent Wine_050.jpg